Ayurvedic tips for hot summer days / ayurvedische Tipps für heisse Sommertage


Not only my current pregnancy-related weight gain makes the ongoing heat period a physical strain. The high temperatures and the lack of rain freshness are also a problem for the rest of the family. Therefore, we have informed ourselves about cooling spices and foods according to Ayurveda – the Indian nutrition philosophy. We found the following tips particularly effective: Weiterlesen

Personal Update


Quite some time has passed since our last blog post. Life has taken – let’s say – the pen out of our hands and asked for our full concentration. We were granted the pleasure of pregnancy. However, we had to say goodbye to our youngest family member after only a few weeks. But joy and sorrow are close to each other. Shortly thereafter, we were allowed to once again and officially say yes to each other. On January 20, 2018, we got married spontaneously and in the closest circle. It was a very simple and very intimate celebration – and just the perfect wedding for us! 😊 Weiterlesen

Find yourself, Akeera / Eigensinn trotz Erziehung


Drinking from baby bottle? Our tiny daughter with the enormous need for sucking gives me a contemptuous look. The pacifier makes her choke. And the pap meal – so cherished by many small children – are despised by her. Better fasting than a baby meal. Just do not be treated like a baby. Finally, she is a full-fledged family member, that Akeera makes us clear in the very first days of her earthly life. With a pronounced own will.

Akeera knows exactly what she wants. She pursues her own way, tries out and discovers her inclinations and aversions. We are watching her, interested, fascinated, and sometimes a little exhausted, because of her single-mindness that does not always matches with our minds. Weiterlesen