New teeth/Neue Zähne



Midnight. Twelve times the bells ring through the darkness, bring in my birthday. I’m awake. All three of us are awake. Not because we’re celebrating, oh no! On the contrary, Akeera’s (still invisible) can keep us on their toes. I dandle the small, warm body, humming in her ear, bury my face in the soft baby hair. Bravely I ignore the creeping lameness in my arms, the pulling in the cross. Think positively, I tell myself. After all, it’s my birthday. I am grateful that Akeera is such a light child. I am grateful that I have joint her afternoon sleep. I am grateful that I do not have to work tomorrow. Weiterlesen

simple, fair, conscious/ einfach, fair, bewusst


A new-born baby – especially when it is a firstborn – is usually overloaded with time, love and attention. We parents are searching for the ‚better than best‘ in the huge offer of baby goods, we are heading through the literary jungle of educational counsellors, and sometimes we even venture into new territory of arts and crafts. Everything to ensure the best possible start to life for our little darlings.

In doing so, we frequently overestimate the actual necessity of certain consume products, get blinded by advertising and sponsored contributions on the Internet. And suddenly we find ourselves in an apartment full of hardly or completely unused shopping trip souvenirs. In the desire to do everything right, we can easily flood our children with products, even overwhelm them. At least we personally have already been tapped into this trap several times … This is normal, we guess.

But where do these products come from? Who created it? Under which conditions? Who tested Akeera’s baby’s shampoo for extra soft baby hair? Weiterlesen

Julia Engelmann: Für meine Eltern (For my parents)


We are new to the blog community. Enjoy the much-evoked charm that dwells in each beginning. Juggle with content ideas, wordpress tutorials and words. We get excited – still in disbelief – about every visit on our side from China, Canada and the rest of the world.

Today, however, we leave our words stuck. For what we want to express today has already been formulated by the German poetry slammer Julia Engelmann. Weiterlesen

Change for good – Veränderung zum Guten


„With a child your whole life will change. Time for you? Better forget it. Unless you have a good babysitter! And you actually believe you can continue to exercise regularly? To rest on the Yoga mat? Oh, you are sweet naive! „These and similar encouraging words in response to our pregnancy announcement were almost as common as the warm congratulations and well-meaning advices. And especially in the first few months with our new-born darling, the prophecies seemed to come true. There were so many of those days, when a short cat’s lick in the morning had to be enough and the warm shower in the evening, when Sachin came home, appeared to me like a superduper luxury wellness program. Of course it was up to us. We gave absolute priority to Akeera’s wishes when she started her life. She wanted a breastfeed marathon? She got it. She wanted to sleep on Papa’s chest? Of course! Weiterlesen

Walking in a winterwonderland

Finally! Overnight the sky has opened its gates and sugared the world with a white topping. The first snow of the season. How we have longed for it!
So we hurry with our breakfast and get ready for a morningwalk. Gloves, skiing suit, cap, scarf – it almost cant be too much because the thermometer shows -7℃. Then we explore the beautiful winterwonderland! The frozen pond, the glittery snowflakes, the soft roundings of the little hills – what a beautiful season! For Akeera it is the first time to enjoy the snow for she was far too small last year. And she cannot get enough of this new experience, keeps playing and giggeling. So I use the chance for a short outdoor workout with some jumping jacks, push ups, squats and lunges.