Indian Okra Curry


The autumn wind swirls coloured leaves through the cool air. Yellow. Red. Orange. In the bare tree tops and on the electrical lines the last birds gather and fly in large swarms to the south. Our thoughts follow them. Towards the Mediterranean Sea, across Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and the former Persia. Up to India.
This recipe from Amma Nishi will let you travel along – at least for a meal, I promise! 😊 Weiterlesen


Vegan pumpkin soup/ Vegane Kürbissuppe


Autumn lurks behind the next corner. Trees and bushes are still green, but their tops are already shimmering slightly yellowish. Apples and pear trees groan under their weight, and the peasants in our village harvest lots of grapes and pumpkins. High time for a delicious, simple – and as usual vegan – pumpkin soup recipe! 😊 Weiterlesen

Aloo Paratha


Apart from the good company, the cosy Chai times and the exciting conversations, the delicious food is definitely one of the main reasons why we love the visits of Amma Nishi (Sachin’s mother). 😊 One of our favourites is the tasty Aloo Paratha – flatbread filled with potatoes. Along with this, Amma Nishi usually serves Daal – a simple lentil curry. Weiterlesen

Vegan potato salad/ Veganer Kartoffelsalat


Summer time – BBQ time! Whether on the local grill or on the road at a forest fire place, BBQ is simply fun. And for vegetarians and vegans there is a rich variety of barbeque options, too: vegetables, sweetcorn, bean burger, vegan sausages… But what about the side dishes? We have developed a recipe for a vegan potato salad, which we would like to share with you! Delicious, healthy and without any animal ingredients! Weiterlesen

Chana Masala



1 can of chick peas (or alternatively boiled in steam cooker)

2 onions

3 cloves of garlic


3-4 large tomatoes

1-3 chili (depending how hot you like your food)

1 tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp dried coriander

1 tsp cumin

2 tsp Chana-Masala spices

1 pinch of salt

Some oil Weiterlesen

Daal Makhani


The delicious creamy Daal Makhani is clearly one of our favourites of Indian cuisine. The simple dish of brown lentils and kidney beans, refined by selected spices, tastes especially in combination with flatbread or rice and green chutney excellent. In addition, the brown daal supplies valuable fibre and plant based proteins, lowers your cholesterol and hardly raises the glucose.

Unfortunately, however, many restaurants justify the nickname ‚Makhani‘ – creamy, buttery – by turning the dish into a greasy soup with lots of cream and butter. Our variant comes without these additives and is nevertheless wonderfully creamy – promise! Weiterlesen