Energy balls / Stillpralines


Breastmilk is also referred to as liquid gold. Wrongly, I think. Because honestly, my baby is not only equipped with all the nutrients, but also with a large dose of closeness, security and love – and that is in my eyes so much more worth than its weight in gold!
But breastfeeding consumes! Especially at the beginning (and especially with our first child!) I needed an incredible amount of energy for it. And I was always hungry. In order to not calm the (nightly) cravings with empty calories and still get something quickly, I have adapted current recipes to my taste and developed different variants of energy balls. Beside breastfeeding, I like to take the small treats as snacks on hikes or trips. 😊 Weiterlesen



They are in full bloom again, the little Margerites. Whether as a flowering crown on the hair or as a love oracle – presumably the white-yellow flowers belong to the most plugged meadow flowers in our latitudes. On the plate, however, they end rather rarely. Umfortunatelly, in our opinion. Daisies not only  upgrade every plate optically, but taste great in the salad, too. The small plant is even said to have blood-purifying and digestive healing powers. However, one should limit the consumption due to the bitter substances – and in the case of a known allergy or a pregnancy enjoy daisies in the meadows only.




Whether as a baking product, cereal alternative or an extra in the salad – buckwheat represents a central component in our everyday kitchen. The so – called knotwheat plant is free from gluten and therefore compatible for people suffering from allergies. In addition, buckwheat can regulate cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Especially in the germinated form, the sprouts offer a real variety of mineral and vital substances. The protein content is not only high, but also easily digestible, and therefore buckwheat sprouts are ideal as an intermediate meal for athletes. Weiterlesen

Green Chutney/ Korianderchutney



One of the main reason that we LOVE Indian cuisine is the huge variety of chutneys.The taste range starts from sweet mango over hot chili to refreshing lime. Chutneys can be eaten as a dip with fresh veggies, as a bread spread, as a side sauce with paratha or dosa or just as an extra flavour added to your Thali.
We especially appreciate the homemade green chutney from Sachins mom cause it litterally goes along with everything. Therefore we wanna share this very simple recipe with you. Weiterlesen

Semolina pudding – Griessköpfli


Semolina pudding with fruit compote – when my mom started to cook the traditional spelled dish, our mouth was already watering. The simple recipe tastes for breakfast, as a dessert, as a snack or even as a light dinner. We have adapted it to our needs and would like to introduce you to a vegan version. (Of course, instead of almond milk, cow’s milk or even cream can be used.) The spelled can be replaced by any other type of semolina)

ATTENTION: Depending on the type of milk or the semolina of your choice, it needs some more or less liquid! Weiterlesen