Vegan protein Brownies


We love brownies! However, many of the purchased dessert cakes are full with preservatives and loaded with sugar. The consumers are sent directly into chocolate coma. What may be okay from time to time. In search for a slightly lighter, healthier variant we experimented a bit and developed the following recipe. Through the extra protein, the brownies become a great postworkout snack. They also taste amazing along with coffee or tea. Let’s taste it! Weiterlesen

Rose Lassi


Sun. Warmth. Light. A light breeze plays with the fans of the coconut palms. Lunchtime. Even the parrots doze away We relax in a hammock and sip a Gulab Lassi – a refreshing rose yogurt drink following a thousand year old ayurvedic recipe.

In Ayurveda the rose is considered to be cooling, balancing and refreshing. It is supposed to regulate the pitta and thus balance heart and emotions. No wonder that the rose is called the ‘Queen of flowers’ and stands for love. Weiterlesen

Apple cinnamon rolls /Apfelzimtschnecken


Apple cinnamon rolls

Irregular sleeping- and therefore eating-hours, long walks and energy consuming games on the floor… For countless reasons snacks between meals are very important for us. The following apple cinnamon snacks are specially appreciated by Akeera, because she can easily nibble on it – without a huge mess or the fear of suffocation. Sachin likes the delicious roles as an afterwork snack with a cup of Chai. And I like to get back to it if I need a portion of extra energy after a breastfeeding marathon. Weiterlesen

Chocolate cookies with extra protein / eiweissreiche Schokoladencookies


It is evening. Akeera is playing peacefully, means: reorganising the contents of the dresser in her very own sense … The big search will start tomorrow morning when we will have to fish fresh socks out of the tangle of her clearance action. But for the moment we push the idea aside and enjoy the cosy cuddling moment on the sofa. Baby, it is cold outside; the moon dips the garden in his silver light and makes the snow diamonds sparkle. We pull the blanket around the shoulders and enjoy a warm rooibos tea. And then it rises in us, the well-known desire. The pleasure takes over – some sweets would make our tea-time perfect! 🙂 Weiterlesen

Vegan sugarfree king’s cake / veganer, zuckerfreier Dreikönigskuchen


The 6th of January – Epiphany- is in Switzerland traditionally celebrated by sharing the King’s cake. Estimated 1.5 million pieces of this sweet yeast bread go over the counter every year. And whoever finds the little king figure in his portion, may set up the crown and will be celebrated as a ruler for a day.

Well, at our home it is already clear before the meal who is the princess in the house. However, we like to celebrate the old custom of the bean king in our own way and, in this modified form, establish our own tradition. Weiterlesen

Kurkuma Latte

After a looooong morning walk in the snow, we are definitely refreshed
 – but also a bit cold. So what could be better than a cup of vegan Kurkuma Latte? The warming Ayurvedic spices will boost your immunsystem, keep the flue away – and taste amazingly!!
Heat up one cup of plantbased milk. (We chose a mix between rice and almond milk.) Add one teaspoon of turmeric, a bit ginger and a touch of black pepper. I personally love cinnamon, so I usually tadd some of this delicious brown spice to my Latte. If you like you can sweeten your Latte with agave syrup or birch sugar.
Stir it up and ENJOY!!