Pregnancy yoga – Schwangerschaftsyoga


Yoga is a major part of my life since years now. Whether breathing exercises before exams to focus, easy stretching exercises against tensions, sweaty Asanas practices or soothing deep relaxation – yoga really helps me in every situation. And I could not have imagined my two pregnancies without yoga. Weiterlesen

Ayurvedic tips for hot summer days / ayurvedische Tipps für heisse Sommertage


Not only my current pregnancy-related weight gain makes the ongoing heat period a physical strain. The high temperatures and the lack of rain freshness are also a problem for the rest of the family. Therefore, we have informed ourselves about cooling spices and foods according to Ayurveda – the Indian nutrition philosophy. We found the following tips particularly effective: Weiterlesen


They are in full bloom again, the little Margerites. Whether as a flowering crown on the hair or as a love oracle – presumably the white-yellow flowers belong to the most plugged meadow flowers in our latitudes. On the plate, however, they end rather rarely. Umfortunatelly, in our opinion. Daisies not only  upgrade every plate optically, but taste great in the salad, too. The small plant is even said to have blood-purifying and digestive healing powers. However, one should limit the consumption due to the bitter substances – and in the case of a known allergy or a pregnancy enjoy daisies in the meadows only.




Whether as a baking product, cereal alternative or an extra in the salad – buckwheat represents a central component in our everyday kitchen. The so – called knotwheat plant is free from gluten and therefore compatible for people suffering from allergies. In addition, buckwheat can regulate cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Especially in the germinated form, the sprouts offer a real variety of mineral and vital substances. The protein content is not only high, but also easily digestible, and therefore buckwheat sprouts are ideal as an intermediate meal for athletes. Weiterlesen

Rose Lassi


Sun. Warmth. Light. A light breeze plays with the fans of the coconut palms. Lunchtime. Even the parrots doze away We relax in a hammock and sip a Gulab Lassi – a refreshing rose yogurt drink following a thousand year old ayurvedic recipe.

In Ayurveda the rose is considered to be cooling, balancing and refreshing. It is supposed to regulate the pitta and thus balance heart and emotions. No wonder that the rose is called the ‘Queen of flowers’ and stands for love. Weiterlesen