Pregnancy yoga – Schwangerschaftsyoga


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Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding – in the last two years since Akeera’s procreation, both my body feeling and my relationship to the female body in general has changed very positively. From ‚taking note‘ to deep respect. The fact that a child can develop in my belly, that I can provide this child with all the necessary nutrients through the umbilical cord and mother’s milk – there nature had really a brilliant idea! Weiterlesen

Fighting Multiple Sklerosis


In 2014, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. What a shock! Being a very sporty, health conscious person, I suddenly got to hear from several doctors that I am SICK. On my way into the WHEELCHAIR. Can you imagine the feeling? The therapy prescribes was clear: STRONG MEDICATION FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I felt helpless, devastated. Would I ever be able to do sports again? Would we be able to start our family? Would I die?

And then I realised how negative my thoughts were. I tried to change my mind into positive thinking. How could I remain fit? How could I live a normal life? HOW COULD I EVEN RECOVER? Weiterlesen