La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona – the Catalan capital – has enchanted us already from the air. The second largest city in Spain is placed only 120km from the Pyrenees on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Directly behind the houses of Barcelona, he hills of the Serra de Collserola with the well-known Tibidabo rise. Beaches, mountains, medieval neighborhoods and modern architectural art – Barcelona offers countless attractions for all tastes and ages. Weiterlesen

Warsaw / Warschau


The Polish capital city Warsaw is often called a phoenix. Completely destroyed by the Nazis in the Second World War, it rose from the ashes in 1946 and was entirely rebuilt. The mediaeval looking old town from the 1950s is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and is definitely worth visiting – not only because of its unique history. Weiterlesen

Tour Jonen – Bremgarten


When the days are getting longer – and especially when the days are getting brighter, each year we feel the Wanderlust again. In the truest sense of the word. Sunshine and singing birds awakens in us the desire for adventure, for movement and we pack our backpack and look for the new, the beauty, spring. For how did Goethe once say? „Just where you were on foot, you really have been.“

In the search for new paths – if possible also accessible with the stroller – we came across the beautiful Reussweg between Jonen and Bremgarten. We would like to introduce you to this family-friendly hike. Weiterlesen



Agra, the former Mogul capital, is situated about 200km south of Delhi in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. Known for the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, the city is a popular destination for tourists and forms a central point of the famous Golden Triangle Delhi-Agra-Jaipur.

But Agra offers much more than just history and picturesque buildings. We recommend that every India traveller spends some extra time in this city, leaves the tourist trails and immerses himself in the colourful everyday world. Bargaining on the Sadar Bazar, indulging North Indian cuisine in the countless small and big restaurants, sipping Chai on the roadside or wandering with the monkeys, peacocks and parrots in one of the green parks – Agra is worth every minute! Weiterlesen

Munich, Germany/ München, Deutschland


Munich, the Bavarian state capital, was chosen for our autumn trip because of its location. Just before her first birthday (and completely absorbed by running, getting teeth and discovering the world), we did not want Akeera to take a flight. So we were looking for a destination that was still unknown by us and close by at the same time. Munich – from Zurich four and a half train hours without changing – seemed to us perfect and so we headed towards Bavaria.

And who would have thought that the Weisswurst-beer-paradise hides a true El Dorado for vegetarians and vegans? At unbeatable prices in the otherwise almost Swiss style high price island of Germany! Weiterlesen

Kraków, Poland


Exploring the beautiful city of Kraków is definitely a MUST if you visit Poland. The pittoresque old town, the Jewish quarter Kazimierz, the former Ghetto, the castle Wawel – Kraków is loaded with history! Lots of churches offer their mindblowing decor to lovers of arts, their peace and positive energy to spiritual seekers and pilgrims.

Die wunderschöne Stadt Krakau ist ein absolutes MUSS jeder Polen-Reise! Die pittoreske Altstadt, das jüdische Viertel Kazimierz, das ehemalige Ghetto aus der Nazizeit, die Burg Wawel  – Geschichte wartet in Krakau hinter jeder Ecke. Die unzähligen Kirchen bieten Kunstliebhabern eine wahre Vielfalt an Schätzen, schenken Pilgern und spirituell Suchenden einen Ort der Ruhe, des Friedens und der Kraft. Weiterlesen