11. Dezember – Christmas smell


Cinnamon, cloves, oranges, gingerbread, pine needles, candle wax – that’s how we would describe the smell of Christmas. And you? Unfortunately, we have not yet found a scented candle, which has completely convinced us. But with this simple crafting instructions, we still got a big nose full of advent atmosphere in the living room! 😊
You only need an orange or tangerine and dried spices such as cloves, cinnamon blossom or anise. The fruit gets peppered with spices and that’s it. Looks nice and smells like pure Christmas! 😊 Weiterlesen


10. Dezember – vegan pancakes


The 2nd Sunday of Advent is heralded with a lot of snowfall! A winter wonderland stretches in front of our window and yesterday’s snowman almost disappears under the fresh white beauty. Before we wrap up to explore the fresh snow, we enjoy a delicious Sunday breakfast. 🙂 Weiterlesen