6. Dezember – Santa’s relaxing Yoga


The pre-Christmas time is often beautiful and contemplative, but can also be quite stressful. For this reason, we would like to show you some simple yoga poses for today’s St. Nicolas Day, which are soothing, relaxing and calm both the body and the mind. Weiterlesen

4. Dezember – Grittibänz


Tomorrow it is that time again: My mother is celebrating her birthday! In our family, these festivities are traditionally celebrated with a Grittibänz-baking round on the evening before. My father solemnly divides the dough; the whole family (recently even the grandchild Akeera) each receive a dough ball and form with enthusiasm little dough figures. Raisin eyes, almond hair – and as much sugar rocks as a sweet extra! 🙂 Weiterlesen

1. Dezember – Vegane Mailänderli/vegan cookies


Finally, our favourite season is back: Advent has begun!

Traditionally we want to shorten the time until Christmas with an advent calendar – and this year, we let you join! For this reason, we will put every morning a Christmas surprise on our blog. 🙂

Let’s start with a traditional Swiss cookie recipe, which we have remodelled to our taste. Voilà: Vegan Mailänderli! 🙂 Weiterlesen

Indian Okra Curry


The autumn wind swirls coloured leaves through the cool air. Yellow. Red. Orange. In the bare tree tops and on the electrical lines the last birds gather and fly in large swarms to the south. Our thoughts follow them. Towards the Mediterranean Sea, across Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and the former Persia. Up to India.
This recipe from Amma Nishi will let you travel along – at least for a meal, I promise! 😊 Weiterlesen