Blueberry lavender ice cream / Blaubeeren-Lavendel-Eis


Ongoing heat, dryness – and no end to it! While most of our friends indulge in summer life somewhere on the beach, the high temperatures are kind of bothering us three. Probably our hot temperate family would be better off somewhere in the north … 😊 In addition to full days of swimming in the Reuss river or on and in one of the numerous nearby lakes, we refresh ourselves with tons of fresh fruit, mint tea from the garden, Nimbu Pani (recipe here) and homemade ice cream. We would like to introduce you to our absolute favourite today. Weiterlesen



Like white clouds the aromatic elderflower blossoms shine again in forests and gardens. As a plate decoration, the small flowers give each dish a summery note. But the elderflower, besides its sweet aroma, also contains a true variety of health benefits. The essential oils in the blooms are dehydrating and promote the excretion of toxins, fight viruses and bacteria, reduce fever and relieve cold symptoms. In addition to the well-known elderflower syrup, elderflower blossoms taste delicious as a tea infusion. And our personal favourite is the following elderflower dessert: Weiterlesen

Vegan lemon curd – vegane Zitronencrème


Sun, heat and the desperate craving for light, refreshing food… No doubt, summer has finally arrived! 🙂 And how we enjoy the warm weather: swimming in the nearby river, gardening, cycling, outdoor workouts, playing outside…! One of the best things in this wonderful season is the huge variety of local fruits and vegetables, no question. And if you wanna add a light, summery treat to your BBQ, why do you not try out the following simple recipe? 🙂 Weiterlesen

Semolina pudding – Griessköpfli


Semolina pudding with fruit compote – when my mom started to cook the traditional spelled dish, our mouth was already watering. The simple recipe tastes for breakfast, as a dessert, as a snack or even as a light dinner. We have adapted it to our needs and would like to introduce you to a vegan version. (Of course, instead of almond milk, cow’s milk or even cream can be used.) The spelled can be replaced by any other type of semolina)

ATTENTION: Depending on the type of milk or the semolina of your choice, it needs some more or less liquid! Weiterlesen

Rose Lassi


Sun. Warmth. Light. A light breeze plays with the fans of the coconut palms. Lunchtime. Even the parrots doze away We relax in a hammock and sip a Gulab Lassi – a refreshing rose yogurt drink following a thousand year old ayurvedic recipe.

In Ayurveda the rose is considered to be cooling, balancing and refreshing. It is supposed to regulate the pitta and thus balance heart and emotions. No wonder that the rose is called the ‘Queen of flowers’ and stands for love. Weiterlesen