Blueberry lavender ice cream / Blaubeeren-Lavendel-Eis


Ongoing heat, dryness – and no end to it! While most of our friends indulge in summer life somewhere on the beach, the high temperatures are kind of bothering us three. Probably our hot temperate family would be better off somewhere in the north … 😊 In addition to full days of swimming in the Reuss river or on and in one of the numerous nearby lakes, we refresh ourselves with tons of fresh fruit, mint tea from the garden, Nimbu Pani (recipe here) and homemade ice cream. We would like to introduce you to our absolute favourite today. Weiterlesen

Nicecream variation

Who does not love it: sun, deck chair and a delicious ice cream! But many of the purchased sweets are full with sugar and additives – bad for us, unthinkable for our 17 month old daughter. While experimenting, we have discovered delicious alternatives, which not only convince tastewise, but even are a healthy snack. We would like to introduce you to three suggestions. More will follow – and good ideas from your side are welcome at any time! 🙂