Sweetpotato pancakes /Süsskartoffelpfannkuchen


Sunday morning is pancake day at our home! From buckwheat flour, crushed bananas or gingerbread spices for a touch of Christmas – we’ve tried almost as many variations as there were Sundays. (… since Akeera eats solid food, at least! 😊)
The recipe of this week we enjoyed very much, so we would like to share it with you at this point. Weiterlesen

10. Dezember – vegan pancakes


The 2nd Sunday of Advent is heralded with a lot of snowfall! A winter wonderland stretches in front of our window and yesterday’s snowman almost disappears under the fresh white beauty. Before we wrap up to explore the fresh snow, we enjoy a delicious Sunday breakfast. 🙂 Weiterlesen

Semolina pudding – Griessköpfli


Semolina pudding with fruit compote – when my mom started to cook the traditional spelled dish, our mouth was already watering. The simple recipe tastes for breakfast, as a dessert, as a snack or even as a light dinner. We have adapted it to our needs and would like to introduce you to a vegan version. (Of course, instead of almond milk, cow’s milk or even cream can be used.) The spelled can be replaced by any other type of semolina)

ATTENTION: Depending on the type of milk or the semolina of your choice, it needs some more or less liquid! Weiterlesen

Amaranth/ Amarant


„Inca Gold“, „wonder corn“ and „nutrient bomb“ are just some of the flattering names that amaranth is called by on internet. The small, nutty grains are unpretentious in cultivation, suitable for gluten allergic persons, rich in nutrients and in fiber and taste great in numerous variants. Especially the high protein content makes amaranth an ideal post workout meal; the relatively low carbohydrate content can support weight loss. Weiterlesen

Porridge variations / Porridge-Variationen


Revealing her health secrets, Scotland’s oldest woman Jessie Gallan (109 years) advices to „avoid men and eat plenty of porridge“. While we are in doubt about the first part, the porridge’s health benefits are proven by notable scientist. The warm, thick oatmeal packs a generous amount of nutrients, dietary fibre and macronutrients needed for best brain function and energy throughout the day.

Especially throughout winter we love this warming breakfast dish in many different variations. Three of them we will share here with you. Weiterlesen