Pregnancy yoga – Schwangerschaftsyoga


Yoga is a major part of my life since years now. Whether breathing exercises before exams to focus, easy stretching exercises against tensions, sweaty Asanas practices or soothing deep relaxation – yoga really helps me in every situation. And I could not have imagined my two pregnancies without yoga. Weiterlesen


Ayurvedic tips for hot summer days / ayurvedische Tipps für heisse Sommertage


Not only my current pregnancy-related weight gain makes the ongoing heat period a physical strain. The high temperatures and the lack of rain freshness are also a problem for the rest of the family. Therefore, we have informed ourselves about cooling spices and foods according to Ayurveda – the Indian nutrition philosophy. We found the following tips particularly effective: Weiterlesen



Like white clouds the aromatic elderflower blossoms shine again in forests and gardens. As a plate decoration, the small flowers give each dish a summery note. But the elderflower, besides its sweet aroma, also contains a true variety of health benefits. The essential oils in the blooms are dehydrating and promote the excretion of toxins, fight viruses and bacteria, reduce fever and relieve cold symptoms. In addition to the well-known elderflower syrup, elderflower blossoms taste delicious as a tea infusion. And our personal favourite is the following elderflower dessert: Weiterlesen

Tour Jonen – Bremgarten


When the days are getting longer – and especially when the days are getting brighter, each year we feel the Wanderlust again. In the truest sense of the word. Sunshine and singing birds awakens in us the desire for adventure, for movement and we pack our backpack and look for the new, the beauty, spring. For how did Goethe once say? „Just where you were on foot, you really have been.“

In the search for new paths – if possible also accessible with the stroller – we came across the beautiful Reussweg between Jonen and Bremgarten. We would like to introduce you to this family-friendly hike. Weiterlesen