Ayurvedic tips for hot summer days / ayurvedische Tipps für heisse Sommertage


Not only my current pregnancy-related weight gain makes the ongoing heat period a physical strain. The high temperatures and the lack of rain freshness are also a problem for the rest of the family. Therefore, we have informed ourselves about cooling spices and foods according to Ayurveda – the Indian nutrition philosophy. We found the following tips particularly effective: Weiterlesen

Nimbu Pani


With high summer temperatures, our family and friends in India are really very familiar. And they shared a simple but super refreshing drink recipe with us: Nimbu Pani. The Indian lemonade not only provides important vitamins, but also brings an exotic touch to our tongues. Weiterlesen

Indian Okra Curry


The autumn wind swirls coloured leaves through the cool air. Yellow. Red. Orange. In the bare tree tops and on the electrical lines the last birds gather and fly in large swarms to the south. Our thoughts follow them. Towards the Mediterranean Sea, across Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and the former Persia. Up to India.
This recipe from Amma Nishi will let you travel along – at least for a meal, I promise! 😊 Weiterlesen

Vegan Diwali sweets: KHEER


Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, has a high priority in our Indian-Swiss family. We decorate our apartment and our garden with lamps and lights and celebrate in the evening by candlelight a Pooja. And just like with the western-cultural ounterpart Christmas, sweets also play a central role. However, we change the traditional recipes according to our taste: they become much less sweet and of course vegan. Curious? Then try the following recipe for a vegan Kheer! 😊 Weiterlesen

Aloo Paratha


Apart from the good company, the cosy Chai times and the exciting conversations, the delicious food is definitely one of the main reasons why we love the visits of Amma Nishi (Sachin’s mother). 😊 One of our favourites is the tasty Aloo Paratha – flatbread filled with potatoes. Along with this, Amma Nishi usually serves Daal – a simple lentil curry. Weiterlesen

Warsaw / Warschau


The Polish capital city Warsaw is often called a phoenix. Completely destroyed by the Nazis in the Second World War, it rose from the ashes in 1946 and was entirely rebuilt. The mediaeval looking old town from the 1950s is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and is definitely worth visiting – not only because of its unique history. Weiterlesen

Chana Masala



1 can of chick peas (or alternatively boiled in steam cooker)

2 onions

3 cloves of garlic


3-4 large tomatoes

1-3 chili (depending how hot you like your food)

1 tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp dried coriander

1 tsp cumin

2 tsp Chana-Masala spices

1 pinch of salt

Some oil Weiterlesen