Sweetpotato pancakes /Süsskartoffelpfannkuchen


Sunday morning is pancake day at our home! From buckwheat flour, crushed bananas or gingerbread spices for a touch of Christmas – we’ve tried almost as many variations as there were Sundays. (… since Akeera eats solid food, at least! 😊)
The recipe of this week we enjoyed very much, so we would like to share it with you at this point. Weiterlesen

Apple cinnamon rolls /Apfelzimtschnecken


Apple cinnamon rolls

Irregular sleeping- and therefore eating-hours, long walks and energy consuming games on the floor… For countless reasons snacks between meals are very important for us. The following apple cinnamon snacks are specially appreciated by Akeera, because she can easily nibble on it – without a huge mess or the fear of suffocation. Sachin likes the delicious roles as an afterwork snack with a cup of Chai. And I like to get back to it if I need a portion of extra energy after a breastfeeding marathon. Weiterlesen


What do you do if your toddler refuses to eat meat? If she avoids every food that contains butter or milk, spits out even yogurt? No problem, perhaps you will say, there are many vegetarians and even vegans, who enjoy good health, without any issues. Right. But when my parents saw themselves confronted with the ‘strange’ eating habits of their firstborn at the end of the 80s, they were standing alone with a vegetarian / vegan child. As they trusted my socially undecided judgment, they opposed the usual tenor of the numerous advisors and self-titled dieticians in their environment who advised them to force feed me with meat and dairy products. Instead, they started looking for alternative nutritional forms from vegetarian communities like in India and began to expand their cooking skills for me. Especially the recipes of the ‚Hildegard’s cuisine‘ turned out to be a real gold mine. The spelled dishes, deliciously prepared with spices like Galgant, Bertram or Quendel, have become an integral part of our menu – and are still today. One of these recipes – refined over the years and transformed into a fitness snack by extraproteins – we would like to share with you at this point.